Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips home interior layout

Secrets have and look at the furniture layout plan your dream bungalow house plans:
1. Most importantly make sure every available space dream home according to your requirements, practical, works well and is compatible with the function of the space.

2. Furniture that you will buy or use can be loaded on each column

3. Give you an idea of ​​the layout of your home furniture

4. A clear idea and concept plan of your home.

5. To make the guide makes the layout plan and facilitate the needs of electrical contractors calculate the cost of building electrical needs such as switches, sockets and so on.

How to ensure the furniture layout plan of the dream house you have right to scale or vice versa?

1. Each type of furniture at the same scale or measure of each column

2. Make sure the size of the chair about the size of the living room and the bedroom door half-size dining table chairs room door.

3. Make sure the width size bed in the master bedroom 2-fold or 2.5m width room door. Single bed while the same size or about the size of the room door.

Therefore, make sure that every house plan that you are going to buy or build will have a furniture layout plan scale to ensure that every space in the house works well. Wide enough and not too narrow when fitted furniture.